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Biochemical Engineer

Button Tech, Inc. seeks Biochemical Engineer in Mountain View, CA. Conduct research, technical/engineering analysis on BioTech and MedTech companies to examine compounds of medicines, drugs and biochemical products and evaluate features of medical devices. Evaluate safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of biochemical products/equipment and conduct comparison report. Conduct technical due diligence for products/projects/portfolio of client companies based on research findings. Conduct research and technical analysis on technology trends in industries and develop research reports. Evaluate and provide technical improvement suggestions for products/projects/portfolio/client companies. Assist in management of portfolio companies post-investment by sharing technology and market trends reports.


Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Biology, or substantially related, and one year of research and analysis experience in biochemical and biotechnology fields (any job title). Equivalent part-time, paid or unpaid experience accepted. Qualifying experience may be acquired during academic studies.


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