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Venture Investment

VC-backed companies in China raised $6.7B (19% of global investment) in 2020. Biopharma leads other sectors with $3.4B invested, followed by dx/tools with $1.8B (Data Source: Silicon Valley Bank)

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VC-backed companies have raised $4B+ on China’s public exchanges
In 2020, China has seen 18 companies IPO with a $1B+ market cap, led by the biopharma sector (Data Source: Silicon Valley Bank).

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Cross-Border Activity

Macroeconomic forces have not inhibited cross-border activity.
In 2020, there has been an uptick in China-based investors participating in US and European deals (Data Source: Silicon Valley Bank).

Smart money is a driver of success. Our capital not only supports the first few critical milestones when entering China, but also brings value at exit.

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