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Intelligent Digital Solutions


Digital, cloud, and software solutions are being adopted almost everywhere. Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma, Medical Devices, and Digital Health companies not only leverage fundamental science breakthroughs to improve treatment and diagnostics outcomes, but also gradually integrate digital and software innovations to deliver better products to their customers. 


The founding architects of BUTTON have built many widely used digital systems for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and MedTech companies. We would love to help startups and other players in this ecosystem

  • integrate the latest digital trends into their current products and solutions, leveraging mobile, web 2.0, and A.I.

  • or build up a big-data-driven or digital-driven customer engagement or business development pipeline.

Digital Engagement or Commercialization Solution

Digital tools have been widely adopted by healthcare, health, and wellness companies to achieve better engagement or commercialization goals.  

We design and provide a set of novel digital or software solutions to improve your business operation, product engagement, and customer conversion rates.

Big Data Empowered Business Intelligence Solution

In this highly dynamic environment, the big data engine developed by BUTTON Data Team can help players in Healthcare, Pharma, Bio, and MedTech industries quickly

  • predicate FDA clearance timeline,

  • get the latest clinical trials of interest and relevant information,

  • identify new or alternative suppliers or manufacturers,

  • and discover valuable business leads or new opportunities.

We currently provide the following four solutions as services. Please contact us if you want to explore more.

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