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Features you may consider adding to the next generation of your product

In order to make products more competitive, companies usually add or integrate multiple functionalities into one product. With big data analysis technology, we are able to help you visualize what functionalities other companies have added to their products that are similar to yours.

In the table below we do not directly describe such functionalities or features. Instead, we use the language of FDA standard product classification and list the names of device definitions that have these as their main features or functionalities, in order to make them more standardized and compatible with FDA submission and regulation.​

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  • Device Name: the name of the device with such functionality or feature. This name is defined and searchable in the FDA database.

  • Device Class: the level of CDRH regulation of a given device. For each device, the applicable Medical Specialty panel recommends to CDRH the appropriate device class. The three Class designations are:

    • Class 1 - Devices subject to General Controls,

    • Class 2 - Devices subject to General Controls and Special Controls,

    • Class 3 - Devices subject to General Controls, Special Controls, and Premarket Clearance

  • Feature Description: the detailed description of the feature.

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Are you interested in digital marketing, software features, or i18n for your products?

Medical technology and device companies have gradually adopted novel digitalization technologies in their product design, R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization. Digitalization features or functionalities may help make your products unique and more competitive.

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