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Digital Marketing Services

Button marketing team initially served its portfolio companies and then started to use a systematical approach to serve more clients in the US and China. Button team has a good understanding of synergy among marketing, operations, and capital markets. The key methodology Button marketing uses is 

Executable and Deliverable


Data Insights and Contents

Button team keeps integrating databases and builds business intelligence or insights based on these databases. Companies can leverage the business intelligence information to find potentially better market fits at a lower cost.

Button team writes customer-centric content or scientific reports that can be used as business newsletters, blogs, and scientific advertisements.

Marketing Strategy and Virtual Assistant

Button team designs the marketing strategy and lays out the execution roadmap for the US and/or China market.

Button virtual assistant team uses Email, LinkedIn, and other tools/platforms to help publish content and generate leads. Button virtual assistant can follow up with leads and help close the cases if requested by clients.

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