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Strategic Partnerships and Services

WHY: BUTTON post-investment management team initially served our portfolio companies and helped them grow their businesses. We found that many entrepreneurs needed assistance or advice from experienced experts in order to reach their next milestones in product design/development, financing, and commercialization. 


By following the methodology of "Executable and Deliverable",  we then started to provide systematical solutions to help more entrepreneurs (not necessarily our portfolio companies) build their companies and accomplish their visions.

Partnership in Healthcare and MedTech Digital Innovation

Digital innovation may help differentiate your company and products from other competitors.

The software engineering architects at Button have built many widely used software systems for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and MedTech companies.

Our design and development team can deliver a custom solution or product as a Software Development Service, or design and implement a new innovative digital solution or product as a Digital Innovation Service for Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma, Medical Devices, and Digital Health Companies.

Commercialization Strategy

Even if you may be only focused on one major market such as the US, resources from other regions may still be of help as long as the strategy is carefully designed and optimized.

Our tailored “Commercialization Plan” will help our partners leverage the resources from the globe to improve their profitability, taking into account regulatory pathways, supply chain stability, manufacturing scalability, and manufacturing cost.

Cross-Border Due Diligence and Business Negotiation Strategy

Objective insights and improved negotiation tactics can help you avoid risks and achieve more business value.

We have extensive experience in cross-border transactions and operations. We are able to provide objective due diligence reports or business negotiation tactics for you when you are negotiating with your business partners especially from China, including manufacturers, investors, licensees, and licensors.

Financing Strategy and Cross-Border Deal Structure Design

Financing and cross-border deal structure could be costly if the strategy is not optimized.

In the past few years, we have successfully provided assistance in the design and execution of financing strategy,  merger and acquisition process, and company building to not only our portfolio companies but also other innovative companies.

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