Strategic Programs and Services

Button post-investment management team initially served our portfolio companies and helped them grow their businesses. We found that one core methodology is providing "Executable and Deliverable" assistance and many entrepreneurs need such assistance to reach their next milestones in the product design/development, financing, and commercialzation


We then started to use this methodology and a systematical approach to help more entrepreneurs (not necessarily our portfolio companies) build their companies and accomplish their visions.

Crushed Cans

Digital Marketing

Our tailored “Marketing Plan” will bring our partners to the next stage, taking advantage of the unprecedented growth of the healthcare industry in the US and China.

Button team has a good understanding of synergy among marketing, operations, and capital markets. The key methodology Button marketing uses is "Executable and Deliverable". 

Digital Innovation and Software Development

The software engineering architects at Button have built many widely used software systems for Healthcare, Life Sciences, and MedTech companies. Our design and development team can deliver a custom solution or product as a Software Development Service, or design and implement a new innovative digital solution or product as a Digital Innovation Service for Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharma, Medical Devices, and Digital Health Companies.

Financing Strategy and Deal Structure Design

Button team brings together top talent from the industry to drive strategy, methodology, and financing process to deliver the best value for your company, assets, and innovation. 

In the past few years, we have successfully provided assistance in the design and execution of financing strategy,  merger and acquisition process, and company building to not only our portfolio companies but also other innovative companies. 

Trusted by Innovative Companies and Partners

Synbio Technologies 

Synbio with over 250 scientific staff has developed a full range of DNA reading (sequencing), DNA writing (synthesis), and DNA editing (engineering) capabilities and has delivered satisfactory solutions globally to researchers for various applications, including diagnostic DNA probes, precision medicine, protein production, antibody discovery, vaccine development, novel enzymes, molecular breeding, biofuel implication, etc.